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We are pleased to share our love of jewelry with you. We are excited to share our many pieces and We hope you can enjoy our jewelry and other accessories as much as we have. You will want to share with your friends and family too.


pre-owned & new

Let us provide you with previously owned and new jewelry at affordable prices. It is also a great way to start buying stylish pieces for formal as well as casual wear.



at bella we believe
that jewelry brings you back in time, like music, it captures a moment of your time, a thoughtful gesture from someone who loves you, even if that someone is yourself.
From women’s bracelets, pendants, rings, earrings and chains, to men’s accessories and watches, there is so much to choose from to show your taste and style of jewelry. Our collections highlight our favorite pieces and we hope they will be your favorite pieces too-their creativity, color, design, and craftsmanship, inspired our selections. Our beautifully crafted pieces of jewelry are declarations of love.
Bellas Bijoux.We’re For Love and Style.

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